Our Mission, Vision, Values & Goals

Our Mission is...

To promote the sport of rugby, developing players to their highest potential in a positive environment while encouraging discipline, commitment, integrity and honour both on and off the pitch.

Our Vision is...

To provide the best possible rugby experience, giving each player, whether youth or adult, the opportunity to reach their full individual potential. 

We strive to ensure that each player will be able to have fun, make new friends, experience the unique culture of rugby and learn about participating positively in a demanding team sport

Our Core Values are Teamwork, Respect, Discipline, Sportsmanship & Enjoyment.

We aspire...

To play as one Club, while fostering teamwork and a Windsor Rugby Club culture among all Windsor Teams;

To encourage each player to experience and enjoy the culture of rugby, and to have FUN in playing the sport.

To foster an environment of teamwork, camaraderie, dedication, discipline and respect;

To develop a framework for achieving excellence, for both our players and coaching staff;

To aspire to the very highest standards of play;

Our Goals are...

To build, from the ground up, an inclusive rugby club that sponsors all levels of play including mini, junior, senior for all Boys, Girls, Women’s & Men’s teams;

To encourage the development of a rugby family ethos, providing the warmest welcome to new players and providing mentoring support for all;

To highly value volunteers, fostering positive growth of the game and providing support of every club member both on and off the field;

To dedicate ourselves to the creation of a professionally run rugby organization with the highest quality coaching staff, who are passionate, to engage players and supporters who will support its growth;

To welcome and to provide a home Club for all, as players, as coaches, as volunteers  and as supporters.