FIRSTLY AS EVER I hope you are all well and taking care of yourselves. 

Many of you will have seen the RFU have published a 6-phase plan for the return to Rugby, this can be found on our website. We are currently at phase B which details how training can be carried out. Each Club is responsible for ensuring a risk assessment is completed to engage in this and a group of us have now done this, and its not simple. We have therefore now formed a Covid committee to ensure that we are keeping our members safe. Any teams planning to return to training will need to get sign-off from this committee. 

As a club we have therefore concluded that we can recommence Senior training for men and women adhering to the guidance, which means a vast change in approach. This is being planned for the 14th July, there is much we need to put in place as a club for this to happen. Unfortunately, the Junior and Youth section cannot return currently, as the restrictions of phase B make this impossible to deliver. We would expect this part of the club to return when we are at Phase C or D, depending on the group sizes that are detailed.  I promise you we will keep reviewing this. Let’s hope that we reach phase C or D by September… I do need to make the point that Home Park is an open park and we cannot give any restrictions to its use, however, as WRFC where we are not opening sections of the club for training, if you do use the Park, you will be taking personal responsibility for your actions.

COVID 19 is not the only pandemic that we are currently witnessing. Following the murder of GEORGE FLOYD in America, yet another BLACK man losing his life at the hands of a WHITE police officer, the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement has raised awareness of the injustice, systematic, institutionalised RACISM suffered by mainly black people and people of colour. THIS PANDEMIC has to STOP and it begins with us becoming more consciously aware of the various forms of RACISM by SELF EDUCATING. Only then can WE as a club and members of the rugby fraternity, come together and start tackling this problem. 

Clubhouse – many of you have messaged me and enquired if we can open the clubhouse at weekends for take away drinks…. My inner child screams ‘Yes’! Grown-up Helen (she’s a bit dull) has to again work through a risk assessment….. so we are in the process of this and hope to bring you some good news shortly….. 

I need to finish with a massive thank you to our minis section, like many they have missed out on all the fun of end of season with Tour after Tour being cancelled. The Minis Tour, from refunds, have donated thousands to our local Foodshare and the U8s have equally made the grand gesture of donating their refunds.  An amazing act of kindness and consideration to others at this time. 

As ever, stay safe, if anyone is struggling and needs any help, please do contact me, we are all in this together. 

Remember NZ has live rugby, yes with a crowd, and its fantastic to see some ‘normal’ again!


Helen Crick WINDSOR RFC Chair

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