Hope you are all well and are looking forward to some form of a summer holiday! I thought I would give you a quick update on where we are ahead of the holidays… 

Return to Rugby

As mentioned in my last message we have been developing a return to training plan through our new Covid committee and have now put in place all the requirements to ensure we adhere to the RFU guidance. I must say a big thank you to Neal Kennedy for all his perseverance on producing a robust risk assessment. Across Berkshire, Clubs have been going through the same process and sharing any learnings as we go along, we’re all more or less at the same place. 


I am delighted to say we have now completed our first week of seniors training and it looked amazing…. The Dames and Colts return under the same plans next week and its just so lovely to see some sort of normal …. 

It has gone so well (thanks to all those involved in the planning), that we are confident we can expand to include the Junior section, no pressure! We will need to complete a risk assessment for each age group and there will be support and guidance the whole way through. I can’t hide away from the volume of admin that goes with this, so be prepared. Please bear with us as it’s not simple and will need some logistical negotiations between age groups, however we will make it work. 

As for the minis, this will have to be planned for September, where we hope we will be at a new phase on the RFU’s return to rugby. 


So now the pubs are open we are looking at our options. I have been assured by our House committee that we will do something in August, ….. they’ve promised…. so watch this space. 


It’s almost that fun time of year where we have our annual review on 21st August, given the current situation we have the excitement of holding this on zoom! Formal communication will be sent out to members shortly, for anyone not familiar with zoom, don’t worry Marie Mylchreest, has offered to help get people connected. As you can imagine, this is not our preferred option, however, we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible. Remember to make sure you have a drink to hand 😉


Stay safe, socialise sensibly and I totally look forward to bumping into people in pubs again, enjoy your summer.

Helen Crick WINDSOR RFC Chair

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