Firstly, I want to hope you’re all well and safe, I’ve heard of members that have been quite poorly however the good news is, all are on the mend. There is of course sadness in our community, and we hear of members of the community losing the fight against the virus, and we send our collective condolences to anyone that is experiencing loss at this time. 

It is said often that we are in unprecedented times and could spend many an hour trying to predict what the future holds, my wish is that as a club community we all hold strong, and we face the future together. I’ve tried to reflect what I miss most about the club… quite simply, its everything!

The last couple of weekends should’ve seen many a celebration at the club, the annual Post-minders dinner, players award night to celebrate the season successes and final play-off’s for the Junior section. While we continue socially distancing all plans remain paused and we are ever hopeful that we can all meet again and join in with our favourite fun and celebrations. 

I would normally give so many updates on how rugby has gone, the season endings have been published and the good news is our first XV have been successful in staying up in South West One league, which is a fantastic achievement, and the Dames have also retained their place.

The Dames are leading the way with social media challenges, their get to know the team is great, and the celebrating the Key workers within the squad was quite emotional. They have a challenge to get up to 1k followers, so if you’re not already following them on Insta please click and share. Their current weekly fitness challenges are eye-watering, I have promised I’ll give it a go and post a video… I’m just waiting for the easy week!

So, what does Virtual rugby look like, there have been quite a few great videos posted with early showings of the toilet roll challenge, followed by, pass the ball, think U13s nailed that one. If there are any challenges, you wish to launch across the club please feel free to post and Mac our comms master will pick up the gauntlet to try and make it go viral. I have managed a few hellos to people whilst out exercising, its almost a new version of where’s wally – yes Helen in active wear, actually being active….feel free to capture the moment and see how many we can get. 

Business matters, we are receiving regular updates from the RFU detailing support that is available, and we have accessed whatever we can, this is in the form of grants and holiday payments. This means we are in a good position over the summer months, and eagerly await news on how we plan to reopen sport. Being a contact sport alongside much talk about social distancing being in place for a while, we do have to consider that the future maybe slightly altered…… all speculation readily received.  

This is a short and sweet one from me this month (I know some of you are cheering), please remember we are all here for each other, I’ll always reiterate as a club we have a massive desire to support any member and family that need it. I have been contacted by so many people and groups asking what they can do to support, so if you need anything please do ask, nothing is too big or too small. Jason, I can confirm the collection of children is really hampered by safeguarding 😉

Stay safe, keep active, keep in touch (no touching though), don’t let any bad vibes of mental health get too much, there is always someone to talk too, even a slightly dippy welsh bird… 

Big rugby hug to each and every one of you, I know you’re all a bunch of softies really. 

Rugby funnies: Joe Marler has been priceless on his videos showing parenting skills.. enjoy

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