Sun 09 Sep 2018 22:42

Unfortunately the club has had to make the difficult decision to make some fundamental changes to the upcoming Windsor Festival. As a result of an incredibly hot summer, combined with our pitches being used for a number of events in Windsor (most notably the media parking area for Royal Wedding), they have taken a bit of a battering, and are not in great shape. We had been hoping that the cooler weather combined with some rain would allow them to recover, but this simply isn’t happening quickly enough, meaning that most pitches are currently not safe to allow training or matches.

The attached photos are from Saturday 8th September. 

 As a result the decision has been made to postpone and reschedule some age groups as detailed below

  • U7 and U8 – This will still go ahead as planned on Oct 7th. We have 60 teams entered so will still be a great day.
  • U9 and U10 – Rescheduled to December 2nd
  • U11 and U12 – Rescheduled to December 9th

The fixtures secretary for each club who entered has been contacted and asked to confirm if they would still like to participate based on the new schedule.

Of course we will be providing full refunds for any clubs that are unable to enter the revised dates.

We are really sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. As you can imagine we are really disappointed. 

More details for the u7 and u8 festival on 7th October will be posted on this website a couple of weeks before the event. 

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