Sat 19 Dec 2020 19:16

I've been drafting this message for over a week, mindful the current situation is fluid. So with less than 24hrs in Tier 3, we now find ourselves in Tier 4, which leaves us no option but to cancel all Rugby until January.  This means our usual last weekend of Christmas fun can't take place, I was so looking forward to Rugby golf. 
When we have more information from the RFU we will update on how and when we can return. 

For anyone that has shops orders, we will find a way to get these to you. 

This has been one of our strangest and toughest years and I would like to thank all the amazing volunteers who have persevered in ensuring we have the best rugby we can under the circumstances. And to you our marvellous members, we are not a club without you, thank you for all your continued support. There is nothing better than a Rugby family and we have one of the best!

I urge you all to stay safe and sensible over the coming days and weeks. Remember, one day, we will be back to normal....

Wishing you all a most gorgeous Christmas and New year. Enjoy as best you can ... remember to keep checking in on each other, virtually!!!!!!

Stay safe all you Rugby heroes

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