I’ve tried to write this update for days and in all honesty have been struggling with the words. We are in unchartered waters and this is going to be a rough ride for many of us. Your rugby club is here for you, as you have been here for it, for so many years. 

I am already hearing that some of our community is struggling with the economic changes, some of you have already been given notice on your work. There is no solid comfort I can provide other than to say, there will be jobs needed across many of the industries that have to function above and beyond business as usual, and I suspect these will start to be seen shortly. There are daily briefings from the government and the RFU is closely watching what support we can access and of course will be looking to support members for however long this lasts. 

As I’ve previously said, isolation is going to be tough, we’ve never had to live like this, the RFU today has formally closed the rugby season and that brings its own sadness. Schools are now formally closed, and we have the fun of entertaining our children. 

We need to be here for each other and with this sentiment we have set-up a new email address support@windsorrugby.co.uk

If you can volunteer to help please email to this address and let us know what you can do, if over the coming weeks you find yourself in need of help please use the address. Nothing will be too much, please don’t suffer in silence, there is over 500 of us on the membership and I’m hugely confident we can pull ourselves through this, and I’m sure there’s enough toilet roll between us all! 

So how can we get through this drudgery… our social committee and rugby coaches are pulling together some material that can keep the young and the old active, also some fun and entertainment to watch. We will start sharing this out across email and social media platforms shortly.

I’m keen to set-up a virtual social forum where we can dial in, connect in and have a natter and a couple of drinks, and hopefully some laughter which will be sorely needed. If anyone in the technology world wants to help out with this, please email me. 

Please keep safe, I can’t stress enough the importance of staying in, you can truly save lives and support your NHS. The pressure is relentless and we’re not in the thick of it yet…. I’ve worked in the NHS for over 30yrs and I have never seen a social movement like it across the industry. 

And finally, the beer…. There were so many offers of lunches, parties, drive-by’s….. it looks as though we will have to write it off, which is just criminal 😉 

Helen Crick Windsor RFC Chair 

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